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3 Zade Plant boll combo with 3 fiber planter

Zade Plant boll is one of the most beloved plants people love growing in their interiors and external spaces.

5 Stick ficus bonsai with brown texture ceramic pot

Bonsai is the Japanese art of boosting and training miniature trees in pots, developed from the classic Chinese art of penjing.

Areca palm and Cane palm in premium tear drop fiber Planter

Areca palm, also known as a golden cane plant, is a very popular houseplant commonly used in various indoor spaces.

Bird of paradise plant with premium Zena Round fiber planter

Bird of Paradise planters and potting mix will play an important role in providing nutrition and stability

budha bamboo with premium fiber planter

The budha bamboo with premium fiber planter is one of the most famous feng shui plants. People often send two bundles of bamboo as a phrase of love.

combo of 3 jamia palm with premium fiber planter

 That is the best combo. With its long, graceful feather-shaped fronds and jamia plant with long-lasting, affordable needs, this palm tree is perfect for anyone on any occasion.

combo of Areca palm & Raphis palm with premium planter

 The combo of areca palm of an easy plant to grow quickly and provide a room with a display of lush foliage.

Combo of Areca palm and Cane palm in premium fiber planter

Areca palm is Also known as Golden Cane Palm, Best Ornamental Indoor Palm, golden cane palm or butterfly palm, a species native to Madagascar.

Combo of Black jamia plam plant in premium fiber planter

Combo of the Black Jamia palm plant is also called the Cardboard palm plant, cardboard palm does have pinnate leaves like a palm tree.

combo of Golden Cypress & Cypress green in premium fiber planter

The cypress, also known as the 'Gold Crest,' gets its name from the characteristic powerful lemon scent

Dracaena Draco plant with premium fiber planter

Dracaena draco is a long-lived evergreen tree with up to 15 m (49 ft) or more in height

Ficus stone bonsai in premium brown ceramic pot

Ficus bonsai in the premium ceramic Pot is a beautiful piece of art. It's got thick, heavy aerial roots that examine more like boxes than roots.