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3 Zade Plant boll combo with 3 fiber planter

Zade Plant boll is one of the most beloved plants people love growing in their interiors and external spaces.

5 Stick ficus bonsai in brownish texture ceramic pot

  5 Stick ficus bonsai with ceramic Pot is an ideal tree for beginners, as most species of Ficus Plant are fast farmers, kind of most any soil and light requirements, make fine indoor

5 Stick ficus bonsai with brown texture ceramic pot

Bonsai is the Japanese art of boosting and training miniature trees in pots, developed from the classic Chinese art of penjing.

Alpenia plannt with premium Harrison Round fiber planter

Alpenia plannt with premium Harrison Round fiber planter and Pink Ginger Plants are planted with gorgeous long, feathery fronds that require a lot of care and awareness.

Alpenia plannt with premium Modern Tapered Square Planter fiber planter

Alpenia plannt has been listed as the “cultivation escape” in the Global Compendium of weeds. 

Alpenia plant in premium Balboa Tub fiber planter

Alpenia plant in premium fiber planter is also used as a local medicine to treat cough and lung infections.

Alpenia plant in premium fiber planter

 Alpenia plant in premium fiber planter is an ornamental herb and, in layman's terms, is often called Red ginger. 

Alpenia plant in premium Slash Planter fiber planter

Alpenia plants can grow well in the indoor environment; it is advised that the plant should be grown in an area that receives proper sunlight.

Alpenia plant with premium fiber planter

Alpenia plant evergreen tropical perennial that grows in upright clumps 8 to 10 ft tall in tropical climates.

Areca palm and Cane palm in premium madera rectangle largefiber Planter

Areca Palm Plant is an Air Purifier Plant that is Low Maintenance and easy to grow a plant.

Areca palm and Cane palm in premium tear drop fiber Planter

Areca palm, also known as a golden cane plant, is a very popular houseplant commonly used in various indoor spaces.

Areca palm in premium fiber planter

Areca palm is Also known as Golden Cane Palm, Best Ornamental Indoor Palm, golden cane palm or butterfly palm, a species native to Madagascar.