Murraya Plant

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– Murraya plants boast fragrant flowers, enhancing ambiance.
– They are relatively low-maintenance and easy to care for.
– Known for their resilience, they can withstand various environmental conditions.
– Murraya plants attract beneficial pollinators like butterflies.
– Their lush foliage provides natural beauty and privacy screening.

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The Murraya plant, also known as Orange Jasmine or Murraya paniculata, is a delightful outdoor plant prized for its fragrant white flowers and glossy green foliage. Thriving in full sunlight to partial shade and well-drained soil, it adds beauty and fragrance to outdoor gardens and landscapes. With its compact growth habit and dense foliage, it makes an excellent hedge or specimen plant, providing privacy and visual interest. The Murraya plant attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to a thriving ecosystem. Easy to care for and drought tolerant once established, it’s a versatile choice for gardeners seeking year-round beauty and charm.


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