Rocca Tapered Square Planter Although it is made of super durable and highly resistant fiberglass capable of standing up to any task or climate, it is the epitome of elegant simplicity at its best. Pair it with almost any type of plant in any decorative scheme, indoors or outdoors, from contemporary to Old World.

Durability: The robust and long-lasting design of fiber planters is well-known. Because they are resistant to breaking, chipping, and cracking, they are perfect for usage in a variety of weather situations, both indoors and outdoors.

Lightweight: Fiber planters are much lighter than traditional materials like clay or concrete, which allows them to be easily moved, transported, and rearranged without compromising their stability or strength.

Weather Resistance: These planters are made to endure a variety of weather circumstances, such as intense heat, heavy rain, and exposure to ultraviolet light. This resilience guarantees that throughout time, the planters will keep their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.


Aesthetic Versatility: Fiber planters can be used with any type of decor because they come in a range of patterns, forms, and finishes. The visual attractiveness of indoor rooms, patios, balconies, and gardens may all be improved by their sleek and contemporary appearance.

Eco-beneficial: Fiber planters are an ecologically beneficial option as many of them are constructed from sustainable or repurposed materials. Their lengthy lifespan also lessens the need for replacements over time, which promotes sustainability.



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Rocca Tapered Square Planter  has a classically modern shape that can be introduced into any contemporary space. It’s simple, straightforward square shape tapers and curves towards the bottom of the planter for a bit of flair. Made from fiberglass and built specifically for commercial environments, this planter can be outdoors, and is able to withstand freezing temperatures and high-traffic areas with ease, remaining intact and beautiful over the years.

The overall impact is light, airy, and sensationally dynamic — but also naturally clean and tidy. That makes it easy for you to add volumes of greenery to any area while simultaneously preserving maximum visual space along the surface of the ground or floor.

Introducing our Round  Pot, a stylish and sturdy addition to your garden. This flower pot is designed specifically for outdoor and indoor use, allowing you to create a beautiful and vibrant garden space.

Proudly made in India, this  Pot represents the expertise and craftsmanship of our local artisans. By choosing this product, you support the thriving Indian manufacturing industry and contribute to the preservation of traditional techniques.

Whether you want to showcase colorful flowers, lush green plants, or a combination of both, this pot provides a reliable and stylish foundation. Elevate your outdoor space and indoor space  with the charm of this round pot. Order yours today and bring your garden dreams to life.

long-lasting and environmentally friendly investments. You won’t have to worry about your plants being ruined or uprooted from getting knocked over.

The shape of the pot provides a classic and timeless look, perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of your garden. Its modern appearance adds a touch of contemporary charm to your outdoor space, complementing a variety of garden styles and designs. Whether you have a traditional garden or a more modern landscape, this flower pot will seamlessly blend in.

Small Planter dimensions are:
Length =14 Inches

Width=14 Inches

Height=20.5 Inches

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 20.5 cm

Plain, Texture


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